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Exercise after Miscarriage: When Postpartum Isn't What You Expected

Full disclosure: My husband and I have been trying for another baby. A few weeks ago, I got the positive test we’d been hoping to see. Last week, I had a miscarriage.

My thoughts that day and since then have wandered to how I would coach someone through this, though I’m sure I have trained someone through a miscarriage and just never knew about it. How would I tell them that rest and recovery, that healing is important when all they probably want to do is get on with their life? I draw from my own experiences as a person who has experienced miscarriage and also a coach who also needs this conversation and these reminders.

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How to Tackle Common Holiday Party Questions and Comments

Holiday parties can be really tough, whether you’re a social butterfly or an introvert. Tack on the stress of what someone else says and coming up with the perfect response to it can make it a less than enjoyable event. Hopefully keeping these responses in your back pocket can arm you with just the right thing to say when Phyllis from HR pushes your buttons.

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