Hey Awesome Momma,

I want to help you feel strong and confident in your body before and after babies…

and help you find yourself again through flexible fitness and self-care.

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Your body is resilient...

Your body creates HUMANS, That's pretty rad. 

Your body grows, nourishes, births, and takes care of tiny humans. Yes, your body is resilient because it changes so much so often for so many reasons, but

Mom-life is also HARD on your body.

All that growing, birthing, and caring for little people can leave you feeling

Tired. Stressed. Overwhelmed. ACHY.

People tell you to take care of you.. you know #selfcare. But how are you supposed to take care of you when you barely have enough hours in the day to care for everyone else?


Deep Breath, Momma.

That's where I come in. I'm Madison Cleckler, founder of Madison's Mommas. I have a background as a perpetual learner and a serious anatomy nerd with lots of certifications that make me an expert in women's fitness. But mainly, I am passionate about helping moms feel strong in their everyday lives. 

I want to help you feel strong and confident, two things that are impossibly hard to muster up when your toddler is throwing an epic tantrum because you wouldn't let him eat a marble. 


More About Me


"A woman should be 3 things: intelligent, strong, and badass."

- r.h. sin


Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Sounds like the kind of #selfcare you really deserve.

My programs can help give you the tools you need to prioritize you in a super do-able way while giving you the 

Strength and confidence

to tackle mom-life in all of its imperfect glory. 


Are you ready to feel strong as a mother?