Mom vs. Exercise: How I Make it Work

Here's a question I get often:

"How do you fit it all in?"

The truth is, I don't. Some days all the things get done, but most days something is left behind. I often go to bed with a list a mile long of things to do and work to get done, people to check in with and school activities I forgot about. 

Keep the house clean, sleep enough (like this is even something I can control), drink water, work out, run a business, make sure everyone has clean clothes to wear, the list goes on... Oh and all of this while getting the kids a snack or a meal every 15 minutes. Some days the tasks can make me feel a little crazy and a lot out of balance. But what is balance anyway? 

When moms try to work...

As a busy working mom, I do what I can when I can- especially when it comes to exercise. I know you're thinking "wait, you're a trainer- exercise is your job". That's true, but I have just as much trouble as my clients do when it comes to finding the time and energy to exercise.  This is part of the reason I don't warm up anymore. Ain't nobody got time for a warm up. I also kind of consider my life a warm up. 

I keep my workouts pretty short, 20 to 30 minutes and tops 45 if I'm walking or teaching a spin class. Exercise has to be adaptable to the feedback my body is giving me that day and needs to make me feel good. Those are the goals for my movement right now in my life. Sometimes this means going to the gym, other times (most of the time) this means working out at home with a few pieces of equipment, a messy house, and kids climbing all over me. I'm also not above using the TV or tablet as a babysitter or letting my kids run <mostly> free outside for a little more "me time" during my workouts. 

Working out with kids like...

And when I get to go to the gym to do these workouts, it's great and I can peruse my phone in peace without someone climbing on my back or asking for a snack (can you tell that happens a lot around here?)

Does this work for everyone? Nope. And that is totally fine. 

This is how I fit exercise into my life and how I program workouts for my clients in Strong Like a Mom- adaptable, short, and designed to make them feel better when they are done. Speaking of SLM, registration is OPEN and the new member portal is live. Check out the link to learn more.  

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