Louise Price,

Mom of 3

"After baby number 3, I was looking to be intentional and focused about my postpartum exercise. I didn't want to do 'just anything' as I knew my body was in a very fragile state. I cannot tell you what a gift Madison has been to me! She was EXACTLY what I was looking for. She is very knowledgeable about the body post-baby and tailors each workout to fit my needs for that time. Whether it was pelvic floor and core exercises, strength training, or moves made to improve posture, Madison listened to my goals and was very creative in how we approached them. I've never had such variety and interest in my workouts, and it got this tired momma out of bed in the early mornings because I didn't want to miss it!

She not only cares about my physical health, but my emotional health as well, and would check in during our time together asking how I was doing. I cannot thank her enough for helping me feel reconnected to my body and strong again. I would recommend her to any and all mommas!"

Mary Lauren McBride,

Mom of 3

"Madison has been wonderful for my post-baby body reformation. Her dynamic personality and devotion to her clients’ needs have been amazing for the 2 years we’ve been training. If you are looking for a new way to train and someone who understands specific goals and your individual needs, I would highly recommend TrainSmarter and Madison Cleckler."

Meghan Ratliff,

Postpartum Doula and Mom of 3

"In my line of work I see so many moms who can't wait for their 6 week check-up to hit the ground running (literally and figuratively). Madison at TrainSmarter offers them a safe and effective way to reach their postpartum fitness goals. With her extensive knowledge of the pre-and postnatal body I feel confident that my clients will get the workout they desire while allowing their bodies to heal properly and avoid injury. Her services are a much needed resource for Birmingham area mom and moms to be."