Jessica C., Mom of 1:

“I'm not sure what made me approach Madison when I did but from the very first conversation we had, I realized that she would be a true ally. I met Madison after my daughter was born. I have never been about fitness or movement but one thing having a baby teaches you is how much support the body needs to properly function. From the beginning, Madison was patient with me and my schedule and made me feel like my effort was worthy. I wanted to build strength. Literally to be able to "Mom so hard..." Madison paid attention to my concerns and assessed what was going on with me physically. My goals were respected and I was never made to feel like I needed to aspire for more or that I should worry about things I don't care about at all. In the past, when I have worked with a trainer, there has been a lot of friction in those relationships. Not this time. I deeply respect Madison because she is real. She cares about me and my progress and is the first person to offer support, both physical and emotional. I can't say enough good things about the service Madison offers but even more than that, the way in which she cares for you while offering that service is second to none!”