Foundations of Symptom-Free Fitness

Are you ready to live the active life you dream of without fear of pain or symptoms?


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What if…


You could return to the activities you love without pain or leaking?

You had more options than to “just deal” with symptoms like leaking and pelvic pain during exercise?

You could be active with your kids without fear of making things worse?

you could live life without worrying every second of every day about your symptoms?

From the mom who thought living without back pain wasn’t possible:

I went from thinking my chronic lower back pain was ‘normal’ to realizing that I had the power to change it. Madison gave me the direction I needed to exercise in such a way that helped relieve my pain and I became stronger in the process.
— Lauren S., Mom of 3

This program is for you if you are struggling with:

  • Pelvic pain or SPD

  • Low back or SI joint pain

  • Diastasis recti

  • Leaking urine

  • Pelvic organ prolapse


From the mom who struggled with diastasis recti:

All of her advice and direction lined up perfectly with the feedback and instructions from my postpartum/pelvic floor physical therapist. I was able to incorporate the exercises in to my PT work, and feel stronger and more confident
— Amy C, Mom of 2

And you just want to live an



From the mom who was held back by pelvic pain:

I was plagued by pelvic pain and honestly terrified of getting back into exercise. Madison made me feel at ease and in good hands immediately. She was sensitive to my symptoms and always made modifications based on how I felt that day.
— Cara, Mom of 2

This 6-week coaching program will help you:

  • Learn more about common core and pelvic floor concerns and strategies for better management during exercise

  • Bridge the gap between therapy and fitness

  • Feel strong, confident, and capable in your body

  • Start getting back to doing the things you love without fear

The program includes:

  • An initial Zoom consult with me to discuss your story and problem movements

  • A 6-week progressive strength training program with modifications for pelvic pain, prolapse, and leaking

  • Access to the member portal where you'll have guided topics each week on the core canister, breathing strategies, diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, and more

  • Over 40 videos on exercise demonstration, strategy, and a wide range of women's health topics, including a guest video on how to assess for pelvic organ prolapse

  • Printable workbook to track your progress

  • Private Facebook group where I will actively coach, answer questions, do live Q&A's, and support you through your journey

You’ll also need some equipment:

You’ll need a long resistance band, a mini-loop band, and a light to medium sized weight for best results!



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You are


than you think you are….


to feel like it?

From the mom just like you, who just needed support in her journey to strength:

{Madison} cares about me and my progress and is the first person to offer support, both physical and emotional. I can’t say enough good things about the service Madison offers but even more than that, the way in which she cares for you while offering that service is second to none!
— Jessica, Mom of 1

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About Your Coach:

Carrying kids.jpg

Hi! I’m Madison Cleckler!

I’m a prenatal and postnatal fitness specialist and a DONA trained birth doula. My journey through having my two kiddos, Avery (pictured) and Eli, and the experiences I had throughout the years has made me passionate about helping other women, particularly when it comes to managing pain and symptoms during exercise and daily life.

Motherhood is a sport. We are required to run, jump, chase small people who are actually really fast, and carry screaming toddlers out of places under our arms all on very little sleep and with a body that has been through A TON of changes without much in terms of rehab, support, and healing afterwards. We often come last, even when we are struggling to keep up with the demands of daily life due to pain, symptoms, or the inability to exercise and relieve stress the way we desire.

If it’s one thing I’ve learned over years of helping women return to the activities they love without fear of pain or symptoms, it’s that the body is an INCREDIBLE thing- resilient and adaptable. My job is to help you realize that.