Frequently Asked Questions

But how does this even work?

This works kinda like group personal training, but at a distance. The workouts are designed by a pre/postnatal specialist (me!) who is also in this whole mom-life thing. Since the workouts are delivered online and able to be done on your own time, there’s no worry about working around schedules. And you get the expertise of a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost.

What equipment do I need?

You don’t need any. While the workouts do use equipment like bands and dumbbells, you can do a whole lot with items around the house! Use a water jug to press, a toddler to squat, or a laundry basket full of clothes to push around- your home is your playground!

I can’t imagine trying to fit in a whole workout with my busy schedule, how long are the workouts?

I feel ya, momma. Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day, right? Good thing the workouts are only 15-20 minutes long. You’ll also be provided with short circuits that can be done as a finisher to your main program or as a stand-alone workout if you’ve only got 5-10 minutes.

How will the workouts be delivered?

Upon signing up to the program, you’ll be sent a link to set up your unique username and password for access to the Strong Like a Mom member portal. Your workouts are located here in PDF format that is easy to print out and stick on your fridge (because that’s totally something I do). In addition to your main program for the month, you’ll also be provided with short bonus workout videos through the Facebook group.

What if I’ve never lifted weights before?

It’s totally ok if you’ve never lifted weights before. If you’re a mom you’re already doing things every day that require lifting a weight (or two)! The programs were created with beginners in mind and the videos have modifications for each exercise. All of these exercises are chosen to strengthen your body to support all the bending, lifting, twisting, turning, and carrying that is mom-life!

What if I have questions?

You’ll have access to a private Facebook group to ask questions and get support from other moms who are in it with you. You’ll also have e-mail access to me, your coach, as well as bi-monthly Facebook Live coaching calls.

Have questions that aren’t answered here? Contact Madison.