The TRUTH about Diastasis Recti- what the Google searches WON’T tell you

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 Join me for this FREE webinar Tuesday, September 10th!

Where I’ll bust some myths about diastasis recti.

One huge concern many moms, including myself, have when returning to fitness after baby is "do I have diastasis recti?" And the big question, when can you do core work again? Do you have to avoid crunches, sit ups, and planks until your gap is completely closed? What if you do the rehab and still feel weak?

A quick Google search on diastasis recti can send you in a tizzy of stress over the many "never do" exercises and "watch out for" recommendations, but what they WON'T tell you is how and when you can get back to doing core work, how to live life without the stress that sitting up out of bed will make matters worse, and give you the REAL information about what to look for when checking for diastasis recti.

That's what I'm going to teach you in this webinar.

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10-11 AM CST

8-9 PM CST

Permission to use image from Pelvic Guru LLC

Permission to use image from Pelvic Guru LLC

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. The TRUTH about abdominal separation- 5 common myths that are holding you back

  2. The actual methods I use to test for diastas recti, that you can do yourself, and what you SHOULD be looking for.

  3. The top 3 things that every mom with diastasis recti needs to know about exercise

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 I’m SO EXCITED to teach everything you need to know to move forward in your healing, no matter what stage you’re in!


Hey there, I’m Madison!

Your coach and teacher. I am a prenatal and postnatal trainer, educator, and doula. I am SUPER passionate when it comes to educating moms about their bodies during pregnancy and postpartum , as well as helping them feel strong and capable during these phases. I'm so excited to bust some common myths about diastasis recti and help you move forward with your fitness without all the worry and stress.

Let's go!!