You’re overwhelmed with information and want exercise to feel simple

You’re tired of dealing with pain and leaking

You want to feel strong but don’t know what is right for you

You want an exercise program that fits into your busy life

You just want to feel more like yourself again

I want to help you feel




in your body during pregnancy and into motherhood.

The Strong Like a Mom Coaching club is an online fitness program that has all the tools for you to navigate pregnancy and postpartum exercise feeling strong, informed, and supported.

Club membership includes..

  • Programs designed for pregnancy through postpartum and beyond that will help you feel good in your body

  • Each monthly exercise program contains 4 mini-workouts so you can easily fit them into your day

  • Access to a private, members only website where you’'ll find your workouts and tons of members-only content

  • YouTube video demonstrations of each of the exercises in the program so you know you’re doing everything safely

  • Private Facebook group where you'll get direct coaching from me Monday through Friday, weekly live Q&A, and support from other moms who just get it


Join Now for $69/month!

This program has increased my motivation to start living mindfully in this amazing body which has brought two happy, healthy boys into this world. I feel so grateful for this training program!
— Amy C.

Isn't it time for you to feel strong and confident in your body?

Yep, it's time.

Monthly Membership: $69/month


6-Month Membership: $300/6-months

Madison just gets it. She’s living and breathing a mom’s life. There’s no better trainer for a mom or mom-to-be than someone who’s going through it with you.
— Michelle M.

Questions about the club?

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What women like you are saying:

I cannot say enough about how much Madison helped me during and after my pregnancies! I went from thinking my chronic lower back pain was ‘normal’ to realizing that I had the power to change it. Madison gave me the direction I needed to exercise in such a way that helped relieve my pain and I became stronger in the process. Her positive message is unlike any other trainer I have worked with, and her ability to motivate and inspire women to feel comfortable in their skin is truly a gift.
— Lauren Sullivan, Mom of 3
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I started following Madison’s program when I was pregnant with my 5th baby. I had twins before and they had overstretched my pelvic girdle. That caused my newest baby to start growing in the wrong spot making the pregnancy very painful starting at 5 months. My doctors wanted me to follow up with a physical therapist and at the time it was so hard because I was a stay at home mom of 4. That’s when I messaged Madison!!! I LOVED her program. It was so convenient! And I felt like I had my own personal trainer without having to spend a fortune. She kept up with my pain through messaging and i just followed along with her videos AT MY CONVENIENCE. She has such a positive attitude, but knows that it’s impossible to keep up with a routine with motherhood.
And my favorite part was that i never felt like i was competing with myself to look better or be thinner. It was all about being healthy for me and the baby. I COULD NOT have made it through without her. I would have been on bedrest for the whole latter half.
— Amelia Chambers
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Hi! I'm your coach, Madison

I am the momma coach behind this program and also the mom of a precocious daughter and rambunctious son.

I know how hard it is to find the time and energy to exercise as a busy mom. Hell even getting from point A to point B with kids is SO exhausting.

That's why I created this business, because I believe moms deserve to feel amazing in a guilt-free kinda way. Ya know, no hard fast rules on fitness or food. We have enough to worry about already.

Want to feel strong and confident in the body that created life? Join my coaching club!