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 Are you looking to….

Maintain fitness in pregnancy knowing what you’re doing is good for your body?

Exercise confidently postpartum in a way that works for your body and life?

Find an exercise program that feels good and helps you manage aches and pains without having to spend hours at the gym or paying a ton of money for a trainer?

Find a rad community of other women just like you who have similar goals?

Feel strong, confident, and capable in your body in pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond?

 The Strong Like a Mom Coaching Club is for moms just like you who need a workout routine that is accessible, adaptable, and efficient for pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

And every single bit of it is


can be done on your

Own Time

and supported by a


who gets where you are and understands that your changing body, and your time, are valuable.

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I’m Madison, your trainer.

I’m not only your trainer, but also a mom to two young kids with a third on the way.

I know how hard it is to find the time and energy to exercise as a busy mom. That's why I created this club, because I believe moms like you need fitness to feel more do-able, less overwhelming, and overall more fun.

The workouts in this club are designed to fit right into your life and to compliment where you are in your pregnancy or postpartum journey.

 The Strong Like a Mom Coaching Club will help you…

  • Exercise confidently in pregnancy and postpartum with monthly workouts designed for your body and with core and pelvic health top of mind

  • Find a workout routine that fits into your busy life, feels good for your body, and that you can do at home

  • Feel strong, confident, and capable in your body during everyday activities, from holding and rocking your baby to carrying your screaming toddler out of the store over your shoulder

  • Answer the questions you have about core during pregnancy and pelvic floor considerations after birth from an expert in prenatal and postpartum fitness.

Get the support you need to rock this mom-life feeling strong AF


 Club membership includes..

  • Monthly workouts designed for pregnant and postpartum bodies

  • 2-4 mini-workouts per month each 10-20 minutes long so you can easily fit them into your day

  • Video demonstrations of each of the exercises in the program so you know you’re doing everything safely

  • Private Facebook group where you’ll find your workouts and a rad community of other moms just like you

  • Access to a private, members only website where you’'ll find tons of members-only content

  • Coaching from me in the Facebook group, bi-weekly Q&A sessions, daily discussion, and a place for you to talk about fitness, mom-life, and everything in between

 “This program has increased my motivation to start living mindfully in this amazing body which has brought two happy, healthy boys into this world. I feel so grateful for this training program!”- Amy C.


“Madison just gets it. She's living and breathing a mom's life. There's no better trainer for a mom or mom-to-be than someone who's going through it with you.”- Michelle M.

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Are you ready to feel strong and confident in your body, mama?

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 What happens after you click “Join”?

  1. You’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll create your username and password for the membership site. After you create your login, you’ll purchase your membership. You’ll get 7 days free to check it out and see if it’s for you.

  2. You will get an automatic on-boarding email with information on how to join the Facebook group and to fill out the consultation form.

  3. That’s it! You’re in and ready to go!

Need more info about the club?

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