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for information on what equipment you need, diastasis recti assessment video and chart, and the Strong Like a Mom program manual.

SLM Pregnancy

Click here to find workouts tailored for each stage of pregnancy, from morning sickness in the first trimester to backaches and birth prep in the third trimester, these workouts will help you stay strong safely throughout your pregnancy.

SLM Postpartum

Click here for the postpartum phase of Strong Like a Mom. These programs are designed to ease you back into the workouts you love postpartum, while helping you core and pelvic floor heal well in the process. I suggest you work through this program after beginning the CFR Program, or in tandem with it.


5-Minute EMOM Finisher

Huffy. Puffy. Sweaty.

This is a fun little circuit with tons of options to suit your body at any time in pregnancy or postpartum. Read the description of the video for options or listen to me blab on the video- up to you! The gist, 5 rounds- every minute on the minute start a new round. I found that just when I was finishing up a round, it was time to start another one. If you’re doing this when you’re tired- keep it to 5 reps and a short walk/jog with more rest between rounds. I did this as a stand-alone workout and felt good with the 5 minute don’t-stop workout today.

Go with what you need/feel and have FUN!



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