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January 14-28

Feel STRONG during pregnancy and motherhood

Gain CONFIDENCE in your body

Find fitness that will help you THRIVE

I hear ya,


You’re just marking off the days in your pregnancy, waiting and begging for this baby to come out so you can feel some semblance of normal again.

You’re dealing with leaking and pain that you’re told is just “part of mom-life”.

You were previously active and now you’re struggling with all of these little aches and pains that no one told you about.

You’re frustrated with trying to find a fitness routine that fits into your life and actually makes your body feel good.

You want to do what’s best for your body but you have no clue who to listen to or what to do.

You just want to feel stronger in your body so you can run, jump, and play with your kids with wild abandon.

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You aren’t alone.

I can vividly remember getting so. damn. frustrated during pregnancy and postpartum.

Frustrated that it was either you’re a fragile flower who may break if you lift over 10 pounds” or “get your body back after baby”.

Frustrated that every time I needed an answer I’d end up sinking right into a Google rabbit-hole.

Frustrated at all of the “it’s common”s and dodgy answers to why I was struggling with pelvic pain.

Frustrated that pregnancy fitness meant either continuing to train hard and hit PR’s or do yoga and walk.

Frustrated that I couldn’t seem to find anyone who could give me the answers or support I needed to actually thrive, mentally and physically, during pregnancy and motherhood.

And I’ve found that so many of my clients feel the same way.

Pregnancy and motherhood are HUGE times in a woman’s life. It really is a lot to deal with and while our practitioners have our best interest at heart, it can often feel like too much and not enough information at the same time. Since they are not trained in the nuances of pregnancy or postpartum exercise, their advice can range from a TON of rules all the way to “just do what you normally do.”

This can leave us with a ton of questions and possibly a ton of fear around movement.

I want to take some of that off of your plate and give you the power to feel strong, the information you need to feel like you’re making sound choices for your body and mind, and the support of someone who truly cares about helping mothers thrive, physically and mentally, during one of life’s biggest changes.

You’ll Receive:

  • Access to a private Facebook group full of other women just like you

  • Six 12-20 minute mini-workouts with both pregnancy and postpartum options

  • Live videos and daily posts on allllll the topics, from breathing to pain to some of the “WTF is going on with my body” questions I often get from clients

  • TONS of information on the core, pelvic floor, and how to adjust for pain or symptoms in workouts and every day life

  • Coaching from me for 14 whole days- to answer any questions, help you adjust workouts, and support you in reaching YOUR goals, big or small

    You’ll need:

  • Just 2 bands, one of the mini-variety and a longer loop band or band with handles

  • Your awesome self

    I want you to feel supported AF during your pregnancy and into motherhood.

    I want you to THRIVE in mom-life.

    I want you to feel like the strong, powerful, badass momma you are.

    Your Time

    Is NOW

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Hi! I’m your coach, Madison.

I’m a prenatal and postnatal fitness specialist, a DONA trained birth doula, and a mom myself. My passion is helping moms find their power through all of the changes that pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and motherhood bring. When I say “find you power”, what I really mean is helping you fit exercise into your life in a way that is do-able, sustainable, and helps you feel strong and giving you the support and courage to tackle everyday life with more confidence.

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