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For moms 6+ months postpartum and beyond who are concerned about exercising with diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, and leaking. 

Have you been experiencing pain or symptoms that hold you back from activities you love?

Tried several things and just can’t move past fear that you’re making it worse?

If that’s where you are and you know you need help, this is your program.


For moms 27-42 weeks who want to feel comfortable in their third trimester bodies and prepare their mind for birth- however that birth happens.

Beta testing opportunities open now.

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Looking to stay active safely and comfortably in late pregnancy?

Want to make sure you’re moving safely in your changing body?

Seeking to know more about birth so you feel empowered and strong going into labor and birth?

If this sounds like you and you want support during your last trimester, this program is for you.

Coming November 2019

Want to be a beta tester?
Sign up here to beta test the program "Third Trimester Comfort and Calm" with me! November 4th-29th you'll receive mindset exercises, stretches, and workouts from the actual program as I get feedback and tweak it for it's inaugural launch! *Please only sign up if you plan on participating and providing feedback as there are limited spots available*
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Want to be a beta tester?

Now on-boarding beta testers who are willing to participate in and test out workouts from the actual program.

Each week you’ll receive mindset exercises to help you plan and prepare you mind for birth, stretches to keep your body comfortable, and workouts designed for third trimester bodies that will leave you feeling strong and capable without requiring much time.

The beta test begins Monday, November 4th. Accepting a maximum of 35 mamas to try out this program and provide me feedback. Sign up below if you’re willing to participate!


For moms up to 6 months postpartum who want to recover from birth, heal their core and pelvic floor, and rebuild their strength post-baby.

Coming March 2020

Looking for a program to help you heal your core and pelvic floor after birth?

Want to rebuild your strength safely and get back to regular activity without pain or leaking?

If this is you and you want to feel strong and confident in your body after birth, this is the program for you.

Coming March 2020

Don’t see the right fit for you?

Need a more individual approach?

Already a seasoned exerciser who needs more guidance in other phases of pregnancy/postpartum/beyond?