Worry About Yourself: Monday Motivation and a Short Workout

Yesterday I ran a little experiment on my personal Facebook, and even I didn't know it would show up in a blog- ha! It was about sleep. And it turns out (unsurprisingly) 90% of moms who responded with more than one kid have one or two bad sleepers. Not discounting you mommas of one babe AT ALL! I thought my first was a terrible sleeper, enter my second. But sleep disruption of any sort is less than thrilling, am I right?

To the point...

I've been SO tired lately. Part of that is work and part of that is refusing to hold a steady sleep-wake time because I'm a damn adult and I can do what I want. But a huge part of that is momming.

My kids have been insane lately. The little one is running and climbing, the big one is asking questions and yelling "mommy look!" 95% of the day and then they both gang up on me and ask for snacks every 15 minutes.

And that exhaustion leaked through into my exercise routine, or semi-lack thereof. I'm teaching my spin class and my other class once a week- that's exercise and I've been walking a lot- but I'm lucky to get in one strength sesh a week. I know this is a missing piece for me.

Sometimes I wish I was one of those Instagram fit moms who finds time to workout while waiting on a prescription to be filled at the pharmacy or while the kids play laser tag at a birthday party.. but I'm just not. It's either going to be at home among the crazy or between clients at the gym. And I've just had other things to do lately.

I've talked to A LOT of moms with the same problem. How do you prioritize time to work out with all these wheels of life that you have to keep spinning or one will bring all the others down in a blaze of glory?!?


Remember this hilarious kid with all the wisdom?


Yesterday my house was a complete wreck. (It still is, don't tell...) I needed a mental break from that and I really needed to feel my muscles move. My husband was working from home, so I took the kids to the store then stopped by the gym to test out a workout for Strong Like a Mom. I'm fortunate to be able to do that, so I've made my programs do-able for the mommas at home also.

Anyhow- the workout took me about 30 minutes total, about 35 when I added on a fun little carry finisher to the end. Did I have kids crawling all over me? Yes. Did my toddler stick his hand in the weight stack and mischievously turn the 45 pound plates around and around while grinning and maniacally laughing? Also yes.

Check out my workout over on Instagram, Facebook, or scroll down for a little snippet!

But that 35-ish minutes was enough to make me feel a little more sane among the insanity that is my life. It was just the mental break I needed.

Of course, this will vary per person, so this isn't a one-size-fits-all recommendation- some mommas may need a total break from the insanity and that is completely fine.

  All this to say, if you're feeling crazed and like you can't possibly add another thing in to your schedule especially working out- you aren't alone. But don't underestimate the power of a little movement, it can turn your whole day around (even if it's just for 35 little minutes).

For me right now, movement in mom life has to be :

  • Short and sweet
  • Simple and not too fancy
  • Moderate-intensity so I'm not wiped out afterwards

Of course, that will change in the future or maybe even next week, but this is what my body needs right now.

Try this quick (pregnancy and postpartum safe) core focused mini-circuit and let me know how it feels! Can be done in-gym with a cable machine or at home with a resistance band:

Two-ish rounds:

  • Pallof Press Holds- 10 reps per side
  • Straight-Arm Pulldown- 10 reps
  • Single-Leg Glute Bridge (toddler optional)- 10 reps per side

Keep rib cage over hips, shoulders back, and glutes lightly engaged!

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